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Paint it Silver! TLP in BKK fanacc (Part 3)


1.) Baekhyun always stays at the right side. Always.

I should have known this because of the interaction in DKFC 1 (I was in the right area) and also when I saw them on KPOP Republic (I was on the left so the angle is awkward because he’s always on the right side). So why did I pushed on with the AL zone? I don’t even know. Now I’m starting to think I really should have been Chen biased during TLP.

2.) Concert scene cultural differences.

TH fans in general are much more crazier and dedicated when it comes to their bias group. Thus it’s not a surprise that the tickets got sold out at once. The problem here does not lie on the money of the people, it’s with the number of ticket. Whereas in PH, it’s the opposite. So many tickets, but little money. That’s why I kind of expected that I will still be able to get a ticket on the 2nd day because of that. But now I know better.

3.) Watching concerts is better with friends to spazz with.

I remember in DKFC I was in a group of Baekhyun biased to watch with and thus it was so fun because all of us where focused on Baekhyun and screaming his name. During kpop republic, I was alone and sitting at the edge near the stage. The girl beside me was a Shawol so we cannot really connect in spazzing. Now, in TLP, I was alone again and thus I have no one to share my feels with. Plus, the girls beside me do not speak English so much. TT^TT

4.) Don’t waste time trying to see EXO outside the concert/ event itself

The organizers or whoever up there is bringing EXO in TH already mastered the art of ninja so I suggest that if you’re a normal fan like me, there’s no need to see them outside the venue as it will just be a waste of time, effort and energy. My PH friends experienced this when they waited for EXO to arrive for 16 hours in the airport, but ended up with nothing.

5.) Eat

Health is the best wealth. Like the PH, TH also have a hot weather and so it’s better to be hydrated and healthy.

6.) Concert day is concert day. Not the day to search for tickets.  

It’s always better to be prepared than sorry.

7.) Barricades are your friends.

Close up to Sebooty and Changuns and you can throw things to make them tapilok. :-)

8.) Apply ninja skills

Remember how I said in the part 2 of this fanacc that the bouncer in our area was so strict that he really grabs the phone of those taking videos and him personally deleting it and other videos you took? This is where you’ll apply all those ninja skills you’ve gained as a fangirl. Especially with this kind of strictness.

9.) The last day of the concert is better.

More fanservice, more interaction. And (hopefully in your country) better fan project.

10.) It’s fucking stupid to buy a concert ticket twice the original price.

One thing I learned from a TH KPOP fan who has attended 12 KPOP concerts in TH alone (she sometimes go to Korea) is that she buys ticket from someone who sells the ticket a day after the pre-sale thus the increase of price is not too high. For example she will get the 6000Baht zone, and when she buy from the pre-sale, she can only get it maybe for 6500 Baht. Sometimes she sees some people selling it for original price only. And so, yep. I’ve learned my lesson.

Gaaaahhhh! Truthfully, this whole TLP event was so exhausting! From the announcement to the preparation, during concert – just EVERYTHING!! The organizer gave us too much time – 3 months of preparation and promotion is just too much for a 2-hour concert. I’m so exhausted now that I just don’t want to do anything anymore.

Oo na, sobrang nagtatampo ako kay Baekhyun kasi siya ang pinakaleast na nakita ko sa concert. AS IN PANG SAMPU SIYA SA RANKING. But you know, nung napanuod ko ulit yung fancam ko ng Don’t Go instrumental version (na kinantahan ko with a paos voice + iyak), narealize ko na kung nahihirapan ako as a fan, paano pa kaya  sila na palaging nagpeperform and having to live up to their name/ title all the time? Kita mo nga si Luhan na pinagsabihan na ng doctor na magpahinga. Kaya kahit nagtatampo ako kay Baekhyun (at on the verge na akong ibahin ang bias hahahaha), I’m still going to AND WILL FOREVER LOVE EXO.

Sa first day itong banner na ito (malamang, yun lang naman ang naattendan ko) and I must say, this banner suits me more than the 2nd day’s banner; I will always be with EXO.


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Paint it Silver! TLP in BKK fanacc (Part 2)

THE DAY – 140913 DAY 1

Milk and I left home at 9am and arrived at about 12nn. It’s so crowded and the Impact Link bus was so slow to get to the terminal. Upon arriving at Impact Arena, we parted as she will go to her Vietnamese friend’s hotel and I need to find where I will line up. But first, I searched for the one who will exchange my friends’ 13/9 BL tickets to 14/9 AR ticket. And then I roamed around. There were lots of activities from the sponsors, and the line for the official merch is sooooooo looooooooooooong. I didn’t even try buying the tattoo set that I wanted. Then I tried to get free stuffs but not really. Lol. I mean I only got a D.O banner and a Chanbaek fanmade polaroid. That’s pretty much it. I’m not really a fan of fansites and/or fanbases anyway.

imageWith ChanBaek Philippines’ support banners <3

imageAck! I forgot to take a photo of the queue number for AL zone TT^TT

At around 1:30pm, I already went in line. Thai EXO-L’s told me that this is the first time that they are letting the standing zone ticket holders in using the “seat number” or queue number as they call it. And I must say, it is much more organized. But the catch is you have to get in your queue number’s lane before 3pm or else you will have to line up at the back. My queue number is 292; it’s not that far. In the lane, you can still eat and drink but when it’s time to get in, you have to throw it out.

imageIt was also on the lane that EXOTH Fan Union and solo project for Baekhyun was distributed. The XO fan was a great help tbvfh! LOL.

imageAt 4pm, the organizers started letting us in. But the thing is it’s not really as you have expected with a queue number. I wasn’t number 292 when I went in lol. It was by lane. I think the first and fourth (my) lane were the first ones to be checked. IDK why, maybe because our lane was very disciplined? LOL.

imageWhat I liked most about the system of the organizers is that they are strict. They confiscate lightsticks that doesn’t have the “From EXO Planet #1” / unofficial ones, other color of lightsticks, headbands that can be lit up, and deer headbands. Even uchiwa fans were confiscated. It’s strict but with a good reason. At least it’s a pure silver ocean, plus we won’t have the urge to kill someone there because their headband is blocking our view. Lol. Another thing they’re really strict about is the cameras. It’s clearly stated in the ticket that it’s not allowed. Heck, even the TLP Guideline (link) is all about the camera. So they “feel” even your thighs and all loopholes.

imageUpon entering the venue!! Still one of the firsts, I guess.

At 4:28pm, I was already inside the venue and FDKFNKGKJN AL IS SO FREAKING SMALL AND NEAR THE STAGE AND I LITERALLY SCREAMED WHEN I ENTERED. I was debating with myself if I want to be near the center stage but I’m not against the railing, or just be at the side and hug a railing. LOL. In the end, like in DKFC 1, I positioned myself at the back of the AL zone, against the railing/ barricade.

imageReference from the back of AL zone. I was sitting with the barricade against my back.

imageReference for how far are the barricades from the stage. Far enough for us to not be able to touch them. 8(

imageLet the fun begin in 3… 2… 1….


imageUpon turning off the lights, beautiful Silver Ocean greeted us. Like seriously, it’s the first silver ocean in TH and it’s just so moving to be a part of it. It felt too surreal that until now I think I just dreamed it all. Albeit the stage being close, Baekhyun still looked so far because he was on the other side. TT^TT. Though to be honest, the first one that caught my attention when EXO came in was Sehun. He is so freaking handsome! The photos we see doesn’t give him justice! I swear he is /that/ handsome!

So EXO performed the tribal intro thingy, MAMA, Let Out the Beast and then Lay had his solo stage. Come Moonlight (Korean Version of course), the only part that I looked forward to was the body wave at the last part and so I only recorded starting from there, but what I didn’t know was that Chanyeol, Suho, Chen and Xiumin were to exit in our way! (lol I didn’t watch fancams so I wasn’t informed….?) and thus I was able to see Chan guns SO FREAKING CLOSE. He is so sexy and definitely drool worthy.

During Angel, since Luhan was absent, it was Lay who sang Luhan’s part and his voice is very sweet and I want to listen to him again and again! And it was Kyungsoo who was near my area that time. He’s very cute dancing to Angel. I remember how he danced it during DKFC…. Good times TT^TT. Ah! Chanyeol was also near my area. He was facing BL zone and as he turned around to our zone, he looked surprised because of a fan then he waved at her at the end. (it’s in the fancam above if you can’t understand what I’m spouting Hahaha)

After Angel was Black Pearl. It was Kai who was dancing near my area and he just looks so happy dancing. I mean yes dancing is his passion so he’s happily doing it but his smile when dancing there was so contagious and he’s really enjoying himself. On another note, I really like Black Pearl remix version! Does anybody have a clean version of that? I still can’t get it out of my head lol

Chen’s solo stage comes next. I really had an epic fail moment here because I was literally so surprised when he popped up from his stage that I clicked exit instead of record. Worse is that he stopped right in front of me and winked at me AND I WASN’T ABLE TO RECORD IT. ODG.


During the dance battle…. OMG it was so hilarious! During the part where Xiumin and Luhan were to “kiss”, it was Chen who replaced Luhan. And then when Suho was pushing him towards Xiumin and they were to kiss already, Chen being the troll that he is, turned around and tried to kiss Suho instead. I swear, they did not rehearse that because even Xiumin was so surprised! LOL. Another thing during the dance battle stage was that TaoHo…. We all know they’re mother-daughter (lol) but ODG THEY JUST HAD TO FACE EACH OTHER WHEN “GRINDING” TO RING DING DONG LIKE OMFG WHY ARE YOU MAKING BABIES ON STAGE AKSJDNKJGN 

After that was Sehun’s solo stage. Good thing he already recovered but I heard he still hasn’t fully recovered that time huhuhu baby <3. Then during Love Love Love, Chen stayed in his stage and teased the fans. Like he was “slapping” their hands or something… I don’t know how to call it. Lol. Just watch the vid XD

During Thunder, it was Suho’s turn to be on our side. Albeit he was facing BL zone, he was still very near me and his dancing and body wave is a clear as the sky when there’s sun. LOL.

Then D.O. had his solo and then My Lady. I only focused on Chanyeol because he’s the closest. And by focus, I mean……… .. . .. .. .  .. … . . . .. . hahahaha I know you get it. HAHAHA!

And then comes Baekhyun’s solo. Zones AL and AR had a project wherein on day 1, we are to  raise a banner that says “Let’s Smile Together”. I wasn’t happy with the stage because the lights were just completely covering Baekhyun and all I could make out from my point of view was the silhouette of the piano. LIKE REALLY?! WTF IS WITH ME AND BAEKHYUN NOT BEING MEANT TO BE.

ODG. OMG. After Baekhyun’s solo stage came Baby Don’t Cry Korean version. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know how much I’ve wanted this version of the song to be performed! I literally cried. Cried because my wish was fulfilled… and because Baekhyun was on the other side. It was Kyungsoo who was on Chen’s stage that time. And did you know, after they sang Baby Don’t Cry, Kyungsoo repeatedly bowed to the fans in the seating zone. AAACCCKKKK!!

I’m so happy that I got to attend TLP BKK because Thailand is ChanBaek’s home base. Thus they were the one who did the ment before Machine. And gahidjfkdjg THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE I WANT TO SQUISH THEM SO TIGHT TO ONE ANOTHER!

imageAnd during Machine, Kyungsoo danced in Chen’s stage and he was so cute dancing to it~ Then as he was walking down he waved at me. LOL. Okay, our direction. Hahahaha

3.6.5 is next and ODG I swear if there was no 3.6.5, Baekhyun wouldn’t have come to my area. And it’s more insulting for me because he just came there as a group, PLUS he faced the BL zone as he passed right in front of me. TANGINA ANG SAKIT. KAISA-ISANG BESES NA NGA LANG NA NAGPARAMDAM SAKIN SA ZONE KO TAPOS NAKATALIKOD PA. LOKOHAN PUTA.

imageSebooty saves the day!

History comes next. For the three EXO concerts I’ve attended, they have always performed this and well, I say that they really are making history. <3 The Star was skipped and Suho’s solo came along. He was walking starting from Chen’s stage and flirted with the SVIP area people. LOL.

I swear I really should’ve been Chen biased that day as he was staying mostly in his stage. Chanyeol riding the bicycle thingy was on our side as well and he just looks so cute! And then the next thing I knew, Lay was walking from the center stage going to Chen’s stage. He was really just enjoying himself and he danced cutely. Gaaahhh!!! Then he and D.O. passed by each other and gaghadbjhbf D.O. is so freaking cute, I cannot even!!!! He waved at us most of the time too ajdshfhbvg

imageTao and his solo gaaah! So cool~ And when he finished, there was this moment where the cam closed up on him and he was like pointing to his cheeks, implying a kiss lol. The fans sure screamed loudly. Now it’s time for Heart Attack… in which I just discovered that day that it wasn’t live. HAHA! Ultimate fail. All along I thought it was a live performance of the backstage lmfao. But then I saw Luhan on the screen. ……okay so I knew then that it wasn’t. OTL.

Kai’s solo was up next and I was kinda scared of his eyes for a while. But damn! His acting and body language is so awesome! Even now I could still feel the awe that I felt in the concert.  So of course, after Kai’s solo stage was Overdose already. I really wasn’t able to focus because gaaaaahhhh Baekhyun is so freaking far away. TT^TT I was like “Baekhyun Baekhyun Baekhyun” all the time in my mind. But he’s just so freaking far away :’((((

The funny/ scary thing that happened to me during this song, Overdose, was that the bouncer suddenly held my phone. He thought I was taking videos, but I told him I was just taking photo and even showed it to him which is (THANKFULLY) the truth because if I really was taking video that time, he would’ve deleted it and all other videos in my phone. The bouncer in my area is really strict. During Moonlight and other songs, I saw him really grab the other fans’ phones and he deleted the videos personally. TT^TT I’m still lucky I guess.

Then came the ment and fake exit and LOL. Just LOL. IDK if they weren’t informed but I saw Chanyeol and Sehun cue fans about saying “encore” and all those in the seating area were screaming “EXO!” instead. LMFAO. So it took a while before anything happened.

The red riding hood concept before the WOLF performance was really awesome especially the last part where only the silhouette of red can be seen and then there’s the wolf at the background. Kinda creepy but awesome!

imageDuring Growl, it was Baekhyun who did Luhan’s part in the 2nd verse, while it was D.O. who did his part after the rap. What I noticed with Baekhyun was that during the body wave in the last part, he really looked like he was tired. He was doing it sloppily. And I was proven right when in the final pose, they were kneeling on the floor, right? And then all the other members were already standing up, but he just stayed kneeling there. Poor baby TT^TT Then the other members were going to form their line already but he just sat there until Chen helped him up for him to go to his position beside Tao. Chen is an angel.

During the last ment, Chanyeol kept playing with Tao’s sword, in which we all learned that it was just a toy now. THANK GOD. I heard Tao got injured one time when there had been an accident with the sword. Now it’s just a toy. And so Chanyeol played with it and ‘sliced’ Sehun twice, in which Sehun both played along. GAAAHHH SO CUTE ><

And then Baekhyun… I swear he was so tired that he was leaning on to Tao/ resting his head on Tao’s shoulder for support throughout the ment. I even saw him yawn many times TT^TT

When it was Sehun’s turn to talk, as usual, there were loud screams and so he closed his mouth as soon as he opened it. Hahaha. And Chanyeol, being that he is, when it was his turn to talk, he spread his arms open like he was expecting the loud screams for him too. LOL.  There were too many ChanSe and BaekTao moments in this ment (and I heard also on Day 2) lol they should seriously exchange partners XDDD

imageCHANYEOL PLEASE. I know Sebooty is yummy but please try to control yourself!! LMFAO

During Lucky… odg Chanyeol passed by our zone the most but he was running during those times OTL. Then Tao passed in front of me while he was holding a Rilakkuma stuffed toy that he picked up as he went to our zone. He then teased the fans in the SVIP seat with it.

Then Lay went to our zone. He’s really an angel because he kept on bowing while doing the wai (which is a form of respect in Thailand). I cannot even count how many times he bowed and wai’d ONLY in our zone. It was so many, really!! TT^TT <3 AngeLay

And then Sehun. He was holding a spiderman stuffed toy while “kumekembot” (idk the English word of this hahaha) to the beat of Lucky when suddenly the girl next to me suddenly threw Sehun’s favourite food which medyo natapilok si Sehun because he was surprised but he just passed by it and waved and laughed at the girl ODG. Then Kai with the blue Minnie mouse ribbon stopped at Chen’s stage. And finally, ChanKkuma was the last person who ran/ passed in front of me before the end of the song.

I bet they really were happy with their concert in Thailand. They were still all smiles even after the performance. Then they made us raise our banners that say “Always Be With You” and then they took a selca with us, with them holding up the EXO-L hand sign hahaha~

After that was Don’t Go instrumental version wherein they showed the rehearsal footage for TLP.  It was one of the songs that I was looking forward to the most along with Baby Don’t Cry and so even when my voice was cracking up from all the screaming, I still sang to it. It makes me sad that I was the only one singing though unlike in Seoul but I cannot blame them since Thai’s have difficulty in speaking other languages, much more memorizing the lyrics. And so I sang by myself while crying because favourite song!! And seeing their hardworks for the concert for the fans. TTTTTTT^TTTTTT Right after the Don’t Go video rehearsal, they really played the Don’t Go Korean version with vocals so I cried a bit more hahaha MY KOKORO HURTS SO MUCH FROM THE FEELS TTT^TTT

The concert ended (I mean the song Don’t Go with vocals) at 8:30pm. There were still lots of people who don’t want to go yet, with them taking photos and all that. There were even some fans near my area that got the water bottles that were placed in Chen’s stage but lol the EXO members did not even touch that HAHAHA!! But I guess they were just thirsty idk…

I left the area and got home at around 11 in the evening. It was raining hard that night.

140914 - DAY 2

imageEven though I was still really tired from Day 1, and I don’t have ticket for Day 2, I still went to Impact Arena again because ate Hannah and ate Maine’s tickets are with me. I even slept the whole time I was in the skytrain. I arrived at around 12nn. So we met up and spazzed. After giving them their ticket, they already went around the venue for freebies and stuff. Then I was in line with Minjee in the ticket booth because we still want to watch the second day. Long story short: I spent most of the afternoon standing there, waiting for nothing. The people inside weren’t even shoo-ing us or telling us that they don’t sell the tickets anymore - they just waited to tell us when the concert was already starting.

During the time that I wasn’t in the line, I roamed around to find something to eat and just mainly get fresh air. I saw how the system of lining up for the second day and I gotta say, the lining up system for day 1 was better. In day 1, we started lining up at 1pm. We were all seated in the line between out barricades with our numbers. Just waiting there until the time for us to go in at 4pm. But on the second day, it was already 2:30pm but there was there no line in between the barricades. The people was a mess and they were just really magulo.  I hanged out at the meteorites area after that… right in front of the ChanBaek one <3 And then I went back to lining up at the ticket booth.

imageI’m 112% sure this photo was from DKFC. I find it funny that it’s being used by a TH fansite/fanbase/ whatever.

I met a new Vietnamese friend there named Thao. We mostly entertained ourselves talking about day 1’s event as she was also able to watch and she was in BC zone. And, like me, she was unfortunate with her bias Suho. TT^TT Why is this happening to us???!! ODG.

We mainly talked about how the ticket prices were ridiculously high. I mean the original price was only 4,500 baht but on Twitter, we saw some people selling it for 12,000 or 20,000. There was even one who is selling for 45,000 and I’m not even kidding!! What’s more ridiculous is that it was already D-DAY of the concert and yet the price was still high! The scalpers were still selling it for 12,000 baht on D-DAY GAAAAAHHH It’s so frustrating!!

We were hanging out at Gate 4, the entrance for AR zone and it’s near where EXO’s van will drive from. And so we waited until the concert ended just to be able to see EXO. Since we waited the whole day for tickets but ended up with nothing, I was already kind of pissed. But what made me pissed off more was that when we were already standing up and getting ready to see EXO off, there was this fansite-wannabe behind my back who was putting her weight on me as she was taking a picture of  the vans. And she was not satisfied -  she went to my side and sinisiko ako para makasingit siya. Tangina. Alam mo yung sobrang pagod ka na tumayo buong araw, tapos hindi ka pa nakakuha ng ticket tapos sisikuhin ka pa. Eh tangina DSLR ang gamit niya. May zoom naman yun diba?! Tangina talaga. Bobo eh. Pero nakapag revenge naman ako in some way that made her get off my back and move far away. Haha. But hindi dun nagtatapos ang kalokohan. We waited for EXO an hour after the concert ended (which would be 9pm) but we only freaking saw their black van. It was stupid. Really. I even screamed those words as their van passed and went away. So stupid that I threw my bubble tea on the floor right after their van passed, not caring who got wet or anything. But the good thing about this day was that the secret project was so beautiful that if I was an EXO member, I would surely hagulgol on stage.

So, going home from the Arena, I was so drained of energy. I did not even eat anything during the day. I was just listening to Miracles in December the whole time I was going home. And, like the previous night, it was raining. But harder.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

Paint it Silver! TLP in BKK fanacc (Part 1)

13th and 14th September 2014…the days wherein I many EXO-L’s in TH have been waiting for because hell yeah, it’s EXO’s first solo concert in Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok!


It was a day before my birthday when local organizers, SM True, announced and confirmed TLP in BKK. Week after week, they’re giving us updates about the concert. The first to be revealed was the seat plan and the prices and to be honest, I wasn’t shocked. LOL. That’s what you get when you do research before going in another country /cough moving on. So, yeah, I kinda anticipated the ticket prices already but what I didn’t know was the bloody warzone that’s about to happen.

* EXO meteorites

On the night of 3rd July, SM True posted that they have installed meteorites in Siam Center and Siam Discovery. For the whole month of July, there’s a contest wherein lucky fans will win a special prize. All we have to do was find those and take a photo with all the 5 meteorites. Although the special prize wasn’t mentioned (nor was I interested in it to be honest, lol) I immediately went there in the evening of 4th July. Since it was my first time there, I still don’t know where to go so I just trusted my gut instincts. The first meteorites I saw were XiuChen’s, then ChanBaek’s, TaoLay’s, KyungMyeon’s and SeKaiLu. The funny thing was that among the 5, only ChanBaek’s were isolated and is the only one at the 6th floor of Siam Discovery while the remaining 4 meteorites were at the 4th floor of Siam Center. Haha. ChanBaek being my main OTP, I hanged out at it a lot longer than other meteorites. The queue to take picture with ChanBaek doesn’t stop also. Kkkkk. More info.

* Pre-sale

The pre-sale of tickets happened 19th of July 2014 at Siam Square. Although it was an exclusive event – an event only for fans with the “EXO Special Card” that you can only get when you bought the TH ver. of Growl album – the venue was still jam packed! What’s more:  all the tickets available for the day was all sold out! Good thing SM True only opened half of all the zones for this pre-sale event. It’s seriously scary that it got sold out in just a matter of 8 hours as this pre-sale started from 10:00 until 18:00. From here on, I already had an idea of the warzone. But… there’s still a but…

* Official ticket selling day

Along the way to waiting for D-day of official ticket selling, I met PH friends who wants to go here in BKK and watch TLP. Since I see no harm in helping, I took responsibility for their concert tickets that I’ll buy on the official ticket selling. Come ticket selling, our money is all prepared but my queue number and timing was not.

imageThere are several ways of buying tickets in ThaiTicketMajor but I opted to go directly to a branch and look what greeted me. I arrived at around 9am and the number of people are already overwhelming. The queue number that I got was 239. It’s so far away but I still stayed and waited for the mall to open at 10am. When 10am came, everyone ran and lined up. I don’t know what happened to the queue number anymore, I guess it was honoured anymore when they all ran. >,> So I fell in line… and waited… and waited… but the line didn’t move. We were just stagnant there for an hour, waiting to be sold tickets to. But alas! Come 11:30am, a TTM staff told us all the tickets were sold out already. Upon hearing that (and having someone translate that for me, lol), many still didn’t move from the line nor away from the TTM booth. I was one of those who stayed and kinda cried. I mean, come on! It’s the first solo concert of your favourite group, you have money to buy tickets FOR TWO NIGHTS and the tickets got sold out in just a matter of an hour and a half. Who wouldn’t be devastated with that?! And so, for the whole day, I posted on Twitter that I’m buying any standing zone tickets – ignoring my heart’s pleas of wanting to be in BL and BC. Never in my fangirl life would I expect that I’d need the services of scalpers. Even just at 12nn, all the ticket prices sold by scalpers were ridiculous! Someone even sold tickets for 20,000 and doesn’t want any discount! Good thing I found a seller who sells only for 7000 baht – the lowest that I could find for the day. I immediately grabbed it like a gold among the pebbles and met up with her in the evening the same day. What I received were receipts that will be exchanged into plastic cards starting 9th of August.

* The Long Week: Be Wary!

In just a span of 4 days, I already felt exhausted. 3-9 August… I started the week going to another place for 3 days. But even then, I didn’t stop contacting people for tickets for my friends. Come Tuesday, I found a seller who sells 3 BC zone ticket for 7000 each, but since I said to discount so she said I’ll only pay 20,000. But a Thai co-buyer suddenly contacted me, saying she was wary of this seller because she wants bank deposit but she doesn’t show any picture of the tickets so we didn’t pay yet. Wednesday, that co-buyer said she already paid the seller in spite of her doubts. I, too, had doubts but I asked a Thai friend if I could trust this seller. She talked to her on LINE and she said okay so on Thursday, I paid her. But it’s not that simple. Thursday, it was raining cats and dogs. Like there’s a thunder storm. There’s no taxi available and I’m already losing my mind because the seller said if I don’t pay today, she will sell it to others. Suddenly, a motorcycle appeared and I had no choice but to ride it, and so I did even though I was seriously scared. Since the rain and the wind are hard, I have no choice but close my umbrella so I was soaking wet when I reached the bank. Two days later, Saturday, the co-buyer told me that the seller was a scammer and that the person talking to us was just a middleman. The only good thing here was that this middleman returned our money with her own money. So kids, be wary and learn from this!

* Plastic Cards

Like a series of unfortunate event, when I arrived at Siam TTM booth on the 9th of August to exchange my receipts into plastic cards, they told me that the plastic card for my zone (4500) is out of stock already. I was told to just return on the 15th.

Come 15th of August, I hurried to Siam Paragon TTM for the exchange and hurrah! Finally! I got my hands on my ticket~ AL zone~ Gahh even if it’s not the zone that I wanted, at least I will still attend TLP! After getting my ticket, I hanged out at True Coffee and also at the meteorites. More about this here.

* Meeting New Friends

Like any other events I’ve attended in PH, one thing I look most forward to is gaining new friends. One of them is ate Kim. As she needs help in getting the tix here in BKK, she also helps us in searching for tickets. Here’s the pattern: she searches and deals with the sellers and I’m the runman/ messenger/ taga-takbo ng trabaho. Lol idk how to call it but I hope you get the idea. In short, I meet up with the sellers here in BKK. So one day, 23rd of August, I was able to get 3 tickets – 1 for ate Kim’s friend and 2 for my friends. More about it here

Another story time~ During the meet up for my friends’ tickets, the seller told me that she lined up outside the mall at about 4am and when the mall opened, she really ran to the TTM booth. And I was just like “Wow. Woah. Wow. You really did that?!” LOL. But the thing is, she still sold it twice the price >,>

* D-1: Arrival of EXO and Press Conference

Luhan posted an apology status on his Weibo on the 11th of September saying how he cannot attend TLP in BKK as per his doctor’s prescription of rest. It’s all cool with us, and we even trended #GetWellSoonLuhan as we know how exhausting it might have been for him especially with all the flights and travelling. And so there were only 10 members who went to Thailand for their concert.

I don’t know if I should be amazed (or idk what to feel) with the organizers as they are really full force in promoting. Thus when announcement of press conference time and date were posted, TH EXO-L’s sure didn’t miss the chance. 24 hours before the day of Press Conference, there were already photos of the fans waiting in the venue. And there’s many.

In the morning of the 12th, photos on Twitter about the number of people in Siam Paragon Park were posted. The whole place was packed. I even personally experienced mild suffocation by just passing through Siam Center going to Siam Paragon. It’s //that// crowded.

Arriving at Siam Paragon, I went to search for loopholes for me to see EXO inside the mall but there was none. So I went True Coffee as I wanted to have a Strawberry Cheesecake Twist. I was trying to order Large size for me to get the EXO coaster but the guy cashier that time said that they only serve SCCT in Medium size. Funny because I was able to order it in large size the last time I went there. Anyways, I kind of said “Aw, so I won’t get the EXO coaster…..” and IDK, he looked like he was flirting and said to me “Okay, I will give the EXO coaster to you even if it’s not large size drink. It’s a special order.” ………..uhm, okay.

So after getting my SCCT, I was wondering why there were many people at the left. Aha! It’s the True Move store and they have a Spin the Wheel game wherein you can win either an EXO TLP poster, a mini standee, giant standee or an official lightstick. But of course you have to buy from their store first and show them the receipt before you can play. But lucky me, it landed on the mini standee. Bad news is there’s no more Baekhyun nor Chanyeol nor D.O. Only Chen, Suho, Xiumin and Kai. So I got the Kai one.

After that, I met with ate Kim at the BTS. We were at the 2nd floor and it’s the perfect view if it weren’t for the fact that there would be times we can’t see them because of the train. LOL. I swear, we screamed loud when we see EXO but we scream louder (in frustration) whenever the train comes. I still find it funny. Good thing I was able to record some Baekhyun moments. Aaacccckkk I want to smack him :(

What’s even funnier is that the press conference only lasted for about 30 minutes or so. So I find it funny that those who waited for more than 24 hours only waited for that. They waited in the heat of the sun, suffered from not eating just for their spot, etc. Sorry not sorry.

After the press conference, we met our friends.  I was also able to meet my Vietnamese friend, Milk, there and she stayed in my house for the night.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

140823  Origami of EXO&#8217;s hexagon logo

140823  Origami of EXO’s hexagon logo


I had two meet ups today for my friends’ TLP tickets wherein I stumbled upon a KPOP haven on the first meet up venue. All kinds of goods are there - from unofficial ones like stickers, fanmade pens, towels, shirts, snapbacks, etc. up to the official ones like TLP goods! Thus I was able to buy my fanlight/ lightstick there for only THB 200! There’s also an SS5 lightstick for only THB 200 as well! Don’t worry, I looked for the gold seal/ sticker and it’s there.

So now, I have 4 TLP tickets with me. 1 is mine and the 3 others are my friends’~ We’re so excited for this that all we’re sending on our chats are random keyboard smashing like “asdjfnkdng” LOL. See ya~

140815 6:28PM
I finally have my concert ticket and can finally declare: I AM going to attend TLP in BKK!

After getting my ticket, I hanged out at True Coffee and ordered Strawberry Cheesecake Twist (drink) and Blueberry Cheesecake. I swear, every sip of the SCCT is heaven!

After my internal spazzing at True Coffee, I went to Siam Discovery as my curiosity is bugging me. I thought that the meteorites were only until the end of July so seeing them there was kind of a surprise lol.

And as expected, I hanged out at my favorite meteorite: ChanBaek’s. Unlike the first time I was there, though, there weren’t any people now. Probably coz it’s Friday night and it’s an hour away from closing time haha. I remained there till closing time. What do you expect, I’m an EXO-Loner :P

Soooooo yep. I AM GONNA WATCH TLP! _(≥▽≤)/

Jul 6
chanbaek being weird together

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Jul 5

140704: Fridate with EXO meteorites

On the night of 3rd of July, SM True announced that EXO meteorites were to fall along Siam Center and Siam Discovery, and me being a natural Dora (the explorer) decided to have a fridate with them~ kkk~ It’s actually a mission and a countdown for #EXOPlanetinBKK so it’s a win-win situation. Eitherway, I’d still go and search for those even if there was no “chance for an exclusive prize”.

imageThere are 5 meteorites: XiuChen, TaoLay, KyungMyeon, SeKaiLu and ChanBaek. The first four were all at the 4th floor, food court of Siam Center while ChanBaek were separated as they were at the 6th floor of Siam Discovery. It will available until the end of the month.


imageI love the fact that the ChanBaek meteorite always have people. Hahaha~ Other meteorites were lonely when I passed by them (for the 3rd  time or so…) Yep. I went back to each meteorites 3 (or 4. or probably 5) times each hahahahahaha

imageI only went on my own so of course, I have no choice but to take a selca, unlike other fans who have their friends to take their photos for them. Oh well, at least I am still having fun~ kkkkkk~

imageIt already goes without saying that my most favorite would be the ChanBaek meteorite. Look, I even bothered other fans to take a photo of me albeit the language barrier hahaha. #gurl

imageD-28 to ticket selling and D-70 to TLPinBKK. I wonder which area in the standing section I should get? I want the section where I’m near Baekhyun! Is it AL? AR? BL? BR? or BC? Where do you think is it?

Jul 5

140628: Super Gala

Okay so I know I’ve been ‘dead’ here for a month or so and that is because I’ve been ‘living’ with my responsible side lol (whatever that means). I’ve been caught up with that side of my life that I put off even going to the malls - I was just focused on work. But last Saturday, 28th of June, I finally finished all of my requirements (at least for the month) and had one of the best days of my life here in TH (so far).

Originally, our plan was to just chill and relax in the park, but for some reason, kuya Dunhill lead us to malls afterwards. Malls that I’ve been wanting to visit… and it’s like… he just knew it for some reason gahhh


imageFirst off, Christane and I went to Phra Kanong. There we took some photos outside an art gallery (coz it still wasn’t open to public yet hahahaha)


imageAfter that, we fetched kuya Dunhill and the three of us went to Seacon Square first because we’re hungry. We ate lunch and then of course, I wanted to go here because I knew there was a Nature Republic here. And lo and behold: their NR have all three standess - Baekhyun, Luhan and Kai (tho not in the pic). I only bought the 92% aloe vera gel for 200B. And then there was some flower thingies on the first floor so we went and checked them out.

imageMade of flowers!

imageSecond destination was the park. Kuya Dunhill’s past time is photography so we were like his models (90% Christane, 10% me lol) in the park. We fed the fish and the doves, rode the duck boat thingy, and just relaxed and felt the nature~ To be honest, I rarely experienced it in PH, only during fieldtrips during high school lol so the change of scenery is appreciated. Seeing mostly buildings my whole life is getting boring hahaha.

imageJungdok!! LOL



imageWala na naman akong mata hahaha




imageAfter the park, kuya Dunhill’s plan was to go to Chocolate Ville but the taxi driver said that it’s very far and would take about 3 hours. And so kuya Dunhill decided to just go to Siam Paragon… and I swear I screamed so loud in my head that time because it’s just in time for B.A.P! And also because that’s at the top of my list of To Go’s.

imageAt Siam Paragon, we were greeted with loud noise and screaming so we thought it was already the BABYz (or BABYs?) but it was just the car show something at the ground floor haha. B.A.P Bangkok Attack was at the 5th floor at Royal Paragon Hall.






imageThat so so close yet to far feeling. TT

imageWe then just roamed around and took photos. There’s no more Overdose album! TT

imageAt Siam Ocean World kkkkkk


imageAnd then we walked to the next mall, Central World. Not much happening. We just passed by and then went to Platinum Fashion Mall. But! We didn’t go inside as we were distracted by the booths outside… K-booths to be exact. All things Korean, from foods, makeup, clothes, etc… and they’re on sale! ODG why didn’t I bring much money?!!?!?! I was only able to buy the most essential: the eyebrow pencil I’ve always been using. Another good point for this event was the fact that they were playing KPOP songs throughout the neighborhood. Every every everyday naega mandeun histoweeeee!


imagePantip Plaza, Thailand’s to-go mall in electronics is just around the corner so we had a look and see what’s inside. If converted to peso, would you believe a 1TB external hard drive only costs around PhP3000? :( In PH the cheapest I could find was PhP5k so that’s already a big minus. Yey for sales (and being kuripot).

imageWe ate streetfood outside the Platinum Fashion Mall, lol. Yeah KPOP songs be my jam~ kkkkk~ After that, we went to the tallest tower in Thailand - Baiyoke Hotel. Haha!

imageI love this day~ Sa wakas, nakagala narin ako! Talagang nagtiis ako at pinush ang sarili ko na matapos muna lahat ng kailangan bago makagala and happy to say, it was worth it! And siyempre thankful rin ako kay kuya Dunhill na naging tour guide slash photographer namin hahahaha. Kung hindi dahil sa pagyayaya na “mag-park”, hindi ko rin mapupuntahan yang mga yan kkkkk

Some Questions that Need to be Answered


Translating the earlier piece I tweeted because I think the points are spot on and really sheds light on the situation in China for those who don’t know, and people requested it! I’m only translating, so giving me feedback is pointless (unless it’s about a spelling or grammatical error or an error in a technical term).

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